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Speaking a second and third language improves your job options

After spending 10 years in college studying languages, Gema Romero got a job where she rarely spoke English or German. By choosing a degree in languages, she believed that her dream of working at the CIA would come true. I could imagine being following and ending the big criminals, ending the corruption of some countries, she says. But the reality was very different.

The importance of English in the world

What kinds of jobs are available to bilinguals?

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Millions are lost on lost contracts

In the field of economics, the use of language skills is overwhelming. An all-party parliamentary organization in the UK estimated that £ 50 billion is lost each year on contracts that are lost due to lack of language skills of employees. This month a report commissioned by different language learning platforms was given, 500 business executives based in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and Germany were interviewed, and 60% stated that it required an intermediate level proficiency in some language.

If language skills are financially valuable, how should they be used to improve job opportunities? Let's take away language-related jobs for a moment, what kinds of jobs should applicants who speak some other language consider? What languages put you at an advantage? The results of a survey carried out with different companies showed that employers see languages as beneficial, they are not necessarily a high priority in hiring, it means that applicants must combine their language skills with some other such as critical and analytical thinking, experience group work, adaptation, etc...

Clarify your doubts

If you have just graduated in languages or have already worked and need advice to get a job, you can use these advices for your application or for your Curriculum Vitae, you can also consult with this group of experts.

Lizzie Fane, creator of, London,@lizziefane

It is dedicated to advising language students, who are looking for an opportunity in other countries.

Arti Sharma, UK Youth Campaigns Manager, @Arti_Sharman28

Helps young professionals find opportunities abroad to improve their language skills, through a British Council campaign called Study Work Create.

Adam Marshall, Chambers of Commerce, London, is Executive Director, Policy and External Affairs, @BCCAdam

Adam represents the interests of 52 accredited trade organizations across the UK, as well as British business groups in other countries.

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