Questions with Be

Complete these conversations.
Conversation One
  • A:  Is this your umbrella?
  • B: No,  not.
  • A:  these your keys?
  • B: Yes,  are. Thanks!
Conversation Two
  • A: Where  my glasses?
  • B: Are  your glasses?
  • A: No, they're .
  • B: Wait!  they in your pocket?
  • A: Yes,  are. Thanks!
Conversation Three
  • A: Where  your sunglasses?
  • B:  on the table.
  • A: No,  not. They're my sunglasses!
  • B: You're right. My sunglasses  in my purse.
Conversation Four
  • A:  this my pen?
  • B: No,  not. It's my pen.
  • A: Sorry.  is my pen?
  • B:  on your desk.
  • A: Oh, you're right!