Wh-questions with to Be

Press the icon. Listen and repeat.
What's your name? Who's that? Who are they?
My name is Jill. He's my brother. They're my classmates.
Where are you from? How old is he? Where are they from?
I'm from Canada. He's twenty-one. They're from Rio.
How are you today? What's he like? What's Rio like?
I'm just fine. He's very nice. It's very beautiful.
Who = Who is

 Complete the conversations with WH-questions.
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Conversation one

A: Look! 

B: Oh, she's a new student.

A:  ?

B: I think her name is Ruth.

A: Ruth?  ?

B: She's from Mexico City.

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Conversation two

A: Roxana,  ?

B: I'm from Peru.

A:  ?

B: Peru is very dusty and beautiful.

A:  ?

B: My last name is Morales.

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Conversation three

A: Hi, Ruben.  ?

B: I'm just fine. My friend Jacob is here this week - from Canada.

A: Oh, cool.  ?

B: He's really friendly.

A:  ?

B: He's twenty-eight years old.