Conversations with the Verb to Be

Complete the conversations with  or .
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A:  you from South Korea?

B: No, I  not. I  from China.

A: Oh, so you  from China.

A: Yes, I . I  from Shanghai.

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A:  Brazil in Central America, Dad?

B: No, it not. It in South America.

A: Oh.  we from Brazil, Dad?

B: Yes, we . We from Brazil originally, but we here in the U.S. now.

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A:  this your wallet?

B: Yes, it . Thanks.

A: And  these your pictures?

B: Yes, they .

A: Well, they very nice pictures.

B: Thank you.

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A:  your English teacher from the U.S.?

B: No she not. She from Canada.

A: English her first language?

B: No, it not. Her first language  French.