Luciano Pavarotti

The king of High C

October 12, 1935 - September 6, 2007

For all Opera singers the complicated High C is already well known, it is the highest note of the tenor's usual tessitura. And it is thanks to this note that Pavarotti earned his great fame as the King of High C's.

Maria Callas. Bel Canto

Although this note is not the highest that tenors can give in certain arias, the opera singer can reach up to the upper treble D and even higher notes. But it is clear that this carries a greater degree of difficulty, since they are extremely difficult to interpret with a natural voice without using falsetto.

Years later Pavarotti tried again to challenge himself by singing this same work and in the same opera temple as he once did, unfortunately a problem arose and he could not repeat it since the orchestra was tuned half a tone lower, so the king of chest C did not have to reach this high note.

Luciano Pavarotti Ventura was the full name of this great Italian opera tenor, one of the most famous contemporary singers of all time. He is not only known for his performances at the Opera, but for his participation as one of the three tenors alongside Placido Domingo and José Carreras. He also crossed through popular music performing songs with various singers, the list of artists that I sing with Pavarotti is very extensive from Bono from U2, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bryan Adams to Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias.

The Pavarotti & Friends is a festival that has become a great classic in which lyrics are combined with popular genres such as pop, jazz and rock. One day it occurred to Pavarotti to create a festival in his native land in which many prominent artists would be invited to sing in duet with him. The tenor astonished with his first duet with the Italian rock singer Zucchero with whom he sang the famous Miserere. From that moment the great Luciano Pavarotti began to call all the friends he had throughout the world to sing together with which the famous Pavarotti & Friends.

Pavarotti also stood out for his generosity, working on behalf of refugees and the Red Cross, he was even awarded several times.

Pavarotti earned his world fame for the beauty of his voice in the various performances that made us vibrate when listening to them over and over again. He became one of the greatest contemporary tenors and of course the highest paid in history.

Unfortunately, this man of great talent and heart died of pancreatic cancer on September 6, 2007. Everyone was immobile upon learning of his death.


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