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The economy suffers from a lack of language skills

The economy of Mexico is losing around 45 billion pesos a year in lost contracts due to the lack of language skills in the workplace, says the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) And not just high entrepreneurs: in 2010 more than 28% of administrative and office jobs were left with unfilled vacancies due to lack of languages. The National Union of Workers asks that this problem be taken very seriously, and that measures such as tax exemptions be taken for companies that invest in language education.

Language skills generate customers

SMEs are offering those skills therefore their customer base is growing. Many small businesses have welcomed people who speak another language, their staff includes speakers primarily of English, French, German, and Mandarin. While personal service leads to stronger relationships with clients, some other companies are making use of technology, such as translators. Each has its advantages.

It is not only about knowing how to speak and now, understanding a language also means understanding a culture. The success that some travel agencies have had is due to their multilingual staff. Knowing the culture of another country means that some companies can be up to date with news that may affect customers. Irma Reyes, founder of the agency specializing in public relations, TRIP, affirms that the growth of her organization is due to the language skills of her team. Most of his clients are from other countries. She says: being able to communicate with a native speaker makes doing business in large markets fluid, faster and more effective.

Let's imagine that one of our clients has a great market study of a great product, this client comes from the UK, and we want to present it to the press, our English speaker will catch the summary, then our speakers of other languages can take it to editors in their native languages. That has made a lot of difference, says Irma Reyes. Another clear example is if we are creating an impressive advertisement in Spanish for a major food company, the impact is lost if we prepare it for Germans, then we turn to German speakers so that they can achieve that same goal, same image but different title.

Helping to learn

How to keep the work team updated? Today there are many different ways in which small and medium-sized businesses can access training. This includes online language companies such as Rosetta Stone and Classic and Sacrum, which offer a variety of advanced e-learning methods, including live online coaching.

Concepción Valera, founder of HomePets, an organic pet food company, speaks English and French, took intensive courses in these languages when she left university, until now she has kept her skills intact speaking with native speakers, traveling and closing deals in France, the United States and England. I honed my skills at an ad agency in the US, they hired a Brazilian and his English was terrible, she recalls. For me it was very good because I improved my pronunciation incredibly. We are exporting to markets in different countries of the world such as: England, USA, France, China and Turkey.

At the beginning, I saw the company in the national market , says Valera, But as we grew and began to export, languages became indispensable. I remember that I translated each of the ingredients of our product into English and French and was able to review it in Italian to a certain extent after I hired a speaker of this language.

Although English is a language that should always be there, considering investing in others is not a bad idea, as some are gaining ground and are being paid very well such as German, French, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese, the latter two leading the way. list since they are the big producers. It is important to note that if you are not fluent, a few words can go a long way. At trade shows, people appreciate effort and enthusiasm more than precision. If your language skills are not good, don't try to pretend, it doesn't make sense. It will always be good to try.

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Once you start, you will realize that studying the English language online does not carry a great financial burden, in fact it is very cheap and it is a great investment due to the favorable changes in job and financial opportunities what will you have.


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